Joseph smith first vision stained glass

Joseph Smith found truth in his life, the lord promises that you can do the same thing too

Our Mission is one of faith, charity, ambition and hope. In this modern world, we have witnessed the rise of wonderful communications such as the internet, which unlike never before has saw the values of information and study become somewhat simple and perhaps took for granted by some. Nonetheless, it has served to serve both good and evil purposes from the hands and minds of many men around the world.

We can learn many things from the internet, the church has many wonderful websites and resources online which has made for us, internet evangelism possible. However at the same time, the internet has perhaps became a source of wicked deeds, such as pornography, and fraud. But also, our church has perhaps encountered a new problem through the internet, which comes in the form of Anti-Mormon propaganda.

Over the years, many websites have been set up to attack the church and our doctrine, stating a firm belief that we are a false religion. They have been quite obvious in their mission, to pull the foundation from the faith of members and rip apart their relationship from the church. They have done this through exaggerated faulty criticisms, unwise stereotyping, conspiracy and forms of dishonest scaremongering. As predicted in (2 Nephi 29), many gentiles have sought to reject the restored word of the lord, but they also unconsciously seek to ruin salvation for those on the path to salvation. As stated in (1 Nephi 8), these people are represented as the Great and Spacious building, those who point and mock and condemn those who in the chapter are eating of the tree life which represents the Love of God. It is clear, Satan challenges the gospel. But, it would never be an easy path.

This website, as a voice speaks out against those who attempt to sway the church with outrageous attacks. It defends it, and it's here to glorify the gospel and to show the world that it is true, and why it is true. It isnt here to "battle" or to "condemn", or to spread hatred, but it is here to ensure love and support for the faith of members through hardwork, spiritual commitment and dedication in its articles. It is here to support those who read it, and teach skeptics the truth of the restored gospel in a rational, civil and organised manner. For millions live with no understanding in life to what the truth is, and seek honestly a purpose.

Hence this website is to teach all of the multitudes of individuals in the world, both skeptical and neutral, that the Book of Mormon is true, that this is the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and through it they can very much truly be saved forever in the kingdom of God. We seek to overcome challenges to everything thrown against us, and evangelise across nations. Because we know the church to be true and the great feeling and happiness of such, is something that ought to be shared with everyone.

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